$170K Settlement for Broken Arm (Car Accident in Florida)

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Average Settlement for a Broken Arm or Other Bone Injury in Car Accident Lawsuits. The average settlement received by people who filed a lawsuit for a broken bone resulting from a car crash is between $50,000 and $99,999. The charts below contain more information on the national settlement averages as well as settlement averages by state.

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$400,000 settlement obtained for a fall accident victim who suffered a broken arm when she fell on a greasy and slippery floor in a restaurant in Punta Gorda. $400,000 settlement obtained for a drunk driving accident victim who received soft tissue injuries to his neck as a result of a car accident caused by a drunk driver in Englewood.

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Still, a broken arm or other arm injury in a car accident most commonly occurs when the victim is a pedestrian. The average settlement value of the broken arm, forearm, wrist, elbow and hand cases is going to depend on the degree on whether the injury is permanent.

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$170K Settlement for Broken Arm (Car Accident in Florida) Arlene Posted in Florida fha loan news contents finger injury cases 12: femi olujobi #25 broken arm (car accident arm (car accident Still, a broken arm or other arm injury in a car accident most commonly occurs when the victim is a pedestrian.