Cash sales, foreign investors drive down mortgages in Florida

"The market as a whole has seen a significant increase in demand for a foreign national product," says James Campanella, residential mortgage manager at City National Bank of Florida in Miami.

Foreign investors are helping drive Florida Commercials Investment cash-only sales and leads the nation. Hotels, Motels Investments. Many investors are starting to consider investing into the Florida’s hotels and motels.

FOREIGN REAL ESTATE INVESTORS The united states values the entrepreneur spirit and drive above all else, and here at Socotra Capital, we understand foreign interest in the U.S. intimately. Both principals of Socotra are the sons and grandsons of immigrants. The same is true of much of our staff as well.

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For those who have the cash. foreign buyers are trickling back into Florida, after recent elections in Mexico and Brazil that seem to be incentivizing investors to secure assets in the U.S., she.

Stated income loans for commercial and investment real estate allow a quantified source of financing for those who are self-employed. Banks will look at a no income verification or self-employed loans as a credit risk even if the borrower or investor had great credit and superb cash reserves.

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Answer : Many Foreign Buyers of south florida properties pay cash for their purchases instead of obtaining Financing, but yes, Mortgages are available for Foreign Buyers (known as Foreign National Loans) and I can refer you to Banks and Loan Officers who can assist you with the Application and approval process.