STOCK LOANS :: Securities Based Lending

A stock loan, also called securities lending, is a function within brokerage operations to lend shares of stock (or other types of securities, including bonds) to individual investors (retail clients), professional traders, and money managers to facilitate short sale transactions.

IBKR has always provided sophisticated, automated technology to our clients, and our securities lending services are no exception. We offer a variety of stock loan and borrow tools: Stock Yield Enhancement Program – Earn income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account.

OCC’s Stock Loan System allows Members to: Use the current DTC stock delivery process to create stock loan/borrow positions. Elect to mark stock loans to the market at 100% or 102% by counterparty. Mark to market payments are guaranteed by OCC. Select from various mark to market rounding options.

What is ‘Securities-Based Lending’. Securities-based lending is the practice of making loans using securities as collateral. Securities-based lending (SBL) provides ready access to capital that can be used for almost any purpose such as buying real estate, purchasing personal property like jewelry or a sports car, or investing in a business.

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Put another way, one in eight of every issued stock is being used in securities lending at any point in time. This new and improved model would feature: an exchange-based model for arranging loans,

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You can use a non-purpose securities-based line of credit for any purpose except to purchase, carry, or trade securities; refinance or repay margin loans; or repay any other loan used for securities purchases. A margin account is the only securities-based line of credit you may use to purchase securities. 2

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An investor (aka the lender) temporarily loans securities to a financial institution, such as a brokerage firm, a bank, or hedge fund. This fee varies based on market demand.. On Stash, that means single stocks and ETFs.

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This acquisition combines EquiLend’s broad client base, market expertise and trusted technology with automated equity finance markets, Inc.’s proven CCP-based securities lending market. trade.

Securities lending is a well-established practice whereby ETFs make loans of. In securities lending transactions, ETFs lend stocks or bonds to seek to generate.. securities lending transactions along with related market-based charges.

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