This is a Job I Would Never Do’: Tied-Up Alligator Knocks Trapper Unconscious in Florida

Floor & Dcor store breaks ground in Kendall – South Florida Business Journal Save on laptops and other tech, mattresses, furniture and decor. ground and strike his head on the floor stunning (the baby) and causing him to continue to cry," according to the criminal complaint.

A notorious 620-pound bruin with a taste for dumpter cuisine was captured and relocated by Florida Fish and Wildlife trappers in Lake County’s Ocala National Forest this week. It was the largest ever captured in the state, and just shy of the Florida record, 624-pound bruin struck and killed by a vehilce near Naples several years ago.

However, while he’s camping, the campground’s owner asks him if he’d do an odd job in exchange for the camping fees he owed. Soon that odd job is leading to even odder odd jobs and before he knows it, he’s moved in and started working full-time. But something about the whole thing feels really strange. First, there’s all that green paint.

SHUT UP AND KISS ME by Christie Craig: When Shala Winters is hired to help bring tourism to Precious, Texas, she never expected that it would become the hardest, and possibly last, job of her life. While attending the town’s regular powpow put on by the local Chitiwa tribe, Shala breaks a vital rule and brings her camera.

06/07/2018 Watch a Tied-Up Alligator Knock a Man Out With Its Hard, Reptilian Skull 06/07/2018 WATCH FL trapper knocked out cold by 8-foot alligator 06/06/2018 Alligators, fish tested for GenX far from chemical plant 06/06/2018 Alligator knocks out captor, whacks officers in Ocoee report

Florida alligators are known to roam in springtime when they search for mates, but a Tampa woman was mystified to find one parked on her doorstep. Wandering Fla. ‘gator winds up on Tampa doorstep.

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